"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." — Alan Kay of Apple Computers

"If you think you can do a thing, or think you can't do a thing, you're right." — Henry Ford

‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model

“Your Secret to Sustainable Success & High Impact Contribution”

  • Do you know what differentiates you as a credible and authentic expert?
  • Are you able to clearly, concisely, and consistently articulate your value to create a memorable and powerful ‘brand’?
  • Do you take time to work horizontally and invest in building your team of informal mentors and peer advisors?

If you are like many mid-career leaders,
you answered ‘NO’ to at least one of these questions!

When you discover the power of your Unique Genius
through the 3-strategy coaching model,
you will answer ‘YES’ to all three questions AND . . . 

stand out IN a crowd . . . not be one OF the crowd!

When you are aligned with your ‘Unique Genius’, you not only perform at a higher level, you also enjoy what you are doing and excel at doing what you do best.

As a STANDOUT Leader, you . . .

  1. Are distinctive and differentiate yourself from others
  2. Know what you stand for
  3. Work more strategically for greater clarify and focus
  4. Add value and contribute more powerfully
  5. Engage in more meaningful work
  6. Integrate your longer-term career vision with today’s success
  7. Stand out and be heard
  8. Build a positive reputation for your strengths
  9. Gain recognition for what you do

Personally, you experience:

  1. More sustained energy
  2. Greater clarity of thought
  3. Inspiration about your daily work 
  4. More consistent and higher performance
  5. Natural innovative and creative thinking

An added BONUS is  . . . you attract innovative and creative opportunities TO you and uncover the mystery about the ‘hidden job market’!

The Unique Genius Coaching Model includes tools and resources, in addition to ongoing professional coaching, based on the three proven strategies outlined below.

Strategy 1: Be Distinctive. Differentiate.

The Core of Your ‘Unique Genius’

Learn the secret to identifying the emotional response that you evoke in others.

Everything you say and do communicates the value, authenticity and

credibility of your Personal Brand, based on your “Unique Genius”!

Identify your “Uniqueness Factors” … what makes YOU unique!

  • Personal Values, the heart of your Unique Genius 
  • Unique Personal Qualities or Attributes … they are the difference between a performance rating of ‘meets expectations’ and ‘exceeds expectations’
  • Your top 5 Signature Strengths that are based on Gallup’s 30 year research study
  • The Interest Style that reflects your natural motivators

Are you curious about how to align your natural passion more intentionally with your ‘Unique Genius’ and want to learn more about how you are distinctive and can differentiate yourself?

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Strategy 2: Add Value. Contribute.

Leverage Your ‘Unique Genius’ by WHAT You Do!

Uncover Your Credibility Factors or Proof Points of your ‘Unique Genius’ that reflect the best of WHAT you do!

Discover the most powerful way to articulate your value and be known as a ‘credible expert’.

 “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.

You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. 
— Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com

  • Does your resume sound like ‘corporate speak’ OR is it personal and conversational in style?
  • When you are asked the question, “What do you do?”, can you answer the question in a natural, compelling and conversational way that intrigues the other person’s curiosity about how you do it … they want to know more!

In Strategy 2, you transform a responsibility-focused resume to a brand-driven resume that represents your unique promise of value at your highest level of accomplishment and you stand out as a credible expert through your high impact contribution statements.

Questions that need to be answered include . . .

  • What do you want your reputation to be based on? 
  • What do you want to be ‘famous’ for? 
  • How do you want to be widely known and recognized for accomplishing as an expert?

Your performance doesn’t speak for itself . . .  be known for what you do best and leverage your talents for a strategic, integrated career. 

As a result, you get known as a STANDOUT leader and clear out energy drains by gaining focus, clarity, and passion about your work!

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Strategy 3: Stand Out. Be Heard.

Attract Luck and Get Known for Your ‘Unique Genius’

Earn the respect, trust and confidence of others

Master the ongoing art and science of emotional intelligence, facilitative leadership, and effectively working horizontally.

“It’s not WHAT you know or WHO you know.
It’s who knows YOU and what you do WELL.”

Standing out and being heard so that it evokes a positive emotional response in others is a well honed skill and art that needs to be adapted for each situation and individual – your boss, peers, team members, internal stakeholders, external alliances, direct reports.

Proven success strategies include consistently creating win-win-win outcomes for the company, your boss, and you, as well as building a supportive and high value peer and mentor advisory team. 

HOW you get known is unique to you.  Do you enjoy volunteering in a leadership role, writing for industry publications, building an active social media network or public speaking?

Bottom-line, leaders who experience the freedom of sustainable success develop a lifestyle that continually positions them for new and challenging opportunities through the hidden job market – internal and external. 

Leaders who attract LUCK would advise you to . . .

  1. Get known as an ‘expert’ by a wide range of groups.
  2. Consistently nurture your social capital in an authentic and generous way.
  3. Leverage your talents to give back and contribute.
  4. Work horizontally and take time to become more visible in a way that is of service.

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