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Gerrie Dresser - Sought After Speaker, Leadership Strategist and Executive Coach

Who Knows YOU and What You Do WELL...

5 Secrets to Sustainable Career Success

  • You want to be recognized for your high impact contributions.  But, do you fear speaking out or being perceived as ‘bragging’?
  • You developed a solid business case for a new, innovative direction, and you’re ready to launch your idea.  But, who are your advocates to help you leverage it across diverse functional areas? 
  • You always hit the ‘exceeds expectations’ performance level, but others are being promoted around you.  What is their secret? 

Discover the 5 secrets to the ‘inside out’ approach to sustainable career success  . . . learn that taking strategic and focused ACTION is your key to attracting luck TO you!

It all comes down to being recognized as a credible expert, valued as a team player, and being known by WHO you want to know YOU and what you do WELL.

Learning Outcomes:

In this program, you will learn the 5 secrets with each secret building a bridge to the next secret . . .

  • Learn the formula to articulating your value so that you stand out as a credible expert.
  • Discover the 4 qualities that go beyond managing upwards so that you establish a collaborative partnership with your boss.
  • Identify the 5 strategic steps to get connected in a meaningful way and build your team of informal mentors/ peer advisors.  
  • Tap into your purpose by outlining 3 ways to give back and attract opportunities TO you!
  • Discover the secret about LUCK, so that you leverage your ‘Unique Genius’ and attract innovative and creative opportunities TO you!

Actionable Results/Deliverables:

Through strategic and focused ACTION, you will . . .

  • Identify a winning behavior that will promote a collaborative partnership with your boss.
  • Commit to take ACTION immediately with 3 members of your ‘personal advisory team’.  
Expand your definition of ‘giving back’ that will attract more luck TO you!

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