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Real Estate Marketing Professional Maximizes Results by Playing to Her Strengths and Unexpected Business Discovers Her!

     "When I enrolled in the Unique Genius Virtual Coaching Team Program, my goal was to stay focused and excited about my business, while increasing my efficiency and the creativity I needed to develop innovative ways of increasing my business. 

     Through the Unique Genius Program, I not only stayed focused, but I experienced a shift in my perception of self and what I bring to my clients.

     I have a better understanding and grasp of my strengths, so that in my work I accomplish more by playing to my strengths to maximize results…rather than using my energy in non-productive activities.

     The results of the assessments affirmed that I am fairly well-aligned with my values and strengths, i.e., I am on the right track for me and my chosen company and career.  As I focused on ways to develop my career in a bigger way, I found unexpected business finding me. It is true that what you focus on, grows, sometimes in magical ways.

     I have a renewed commitment to my work, greater self-confidence, and enthusiasm… and as a result I am attracting clients that are clearly respectful and appreciative of my knowledge, experience, style and strong work ethic."

Nancy Somers Dougherty, Esq.



Corporate Leader, Turned Solo-preneur, Articulates Her Value and Develops Website Blueprint

   “I was attracted to the compelling message about the Unique Genius Virtual Coaching Team Program, and the benefits lived up to what I envisioned!  After I left a successful corporate career with some apprehension, I launched a multi-service coaching business as a solo-preneur. 
   After the initial start up phase of the business, I realized that my focus and priorities had significantly shifted from my corporate role and I needed greater clarity to thrive in business.  As a result of the ‘inside-out’ approach of the program, I moved through a few stuck points and reconnected with my passion. 
   In addition to validating that I am on the right track and aligned with my ‘unique genius’,  I outlined the blueprint for my website, and am able to more specifically articulate my value, the foundation for effective web copy. 

   What I know for sure is that I’m on the right track, doing what I love, attracting my ideal clients.  Thanks, Gerrie for a great program and being such a great coach!”

Linda O’Neill, Life Coach and Proprietor of ‘The Inspiration Café’









Consultant Experiences Greater Confidence to Take More Risks!

   "I initially enrolled in the Unique Genius Virtual Coaching Team Program to explore additional career options and set a long-term goal, as well as see myself at my current skill levels and recognize my current strengths and interests.  

   As a result of the program, I experienced increased clarity about my targeted business environment, defined actions that I can take to be more successful in business, including ways to market my expertise and experience.  My confidence increased resulting in taking more risks and initiating connections with new customers. 

   I have also grown, personally.  I see more choices and recognize the value of living my life from the inside out.  As a result, I developed a clearer sense of my uniqueness and value, and developed more effective decision making competency."

Amy T. Wilson, President
Amy T. Wilson Consulting


 Unique Genius™ Virtual Team Coaching
“Collaboration to Leverage Your Success”

 Attention Mid-Career Leaders who have a burning desire to make a difference through their work . . . who need to get UNSTUCK and into ACTION!

Are you like many other mid-career leaders 
who are stuck and lack clarity about how to leverage your unique value?

The secret is in discovering the power of your ‘Unique Genius’!


Gerrie Dresser

Gerrie Dresser,
Leadership Strategist


Founder of
‘Unique Genius™’
Coaching Model


Success Associates

From the desk of:  Gerrie Dresser
Date:   Wednesday 10:01 AM

During the last ten years in the business world, there has been a significant shift. Instead of being valued as a long-term employee, companies are constantly downsizing, and reorganizing. With all the mergers and acquisitions and emergence of technology, there is a growing need for you to stand out, and let others know how you add value . . . to prove that you contribute to the success of your organization.

The problem is that most people undervalue themselves, underplay their strengths, and feel uncomfortable with self promotion. Because they feel as though they are ‘bragging’.

Many of my clients cringe at the idea of speaking out about their value because they don’t want to feel like a used car salesman.

Now, there is ‘bragging’ and there is standing out with confidence and self-assurance with a positive enthusiasm about your expertise.

After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

If you don’t want to stand out, then promotions will happen all around you, but not TO YOU! 

Trust me, I know!  I crafted a promotion justification for 3, yes 3, managers, who all stalled on a decision for one reason or another.  I was operating at a higher level than other people who were being promoted around me.  Plus I had a solid business case for my promotion.

When I was assigned a new manager, I decided this was it.  I worked with a career strategist to revise the business case for my promotion, and presented it to my manager. 

Although she presented a number of roadblocks, I felt confident because I had done my homework and believed in my value.  I presented my case in an emotion neutral way, and landed the promotion!

What is your track record for driving change and leveraging your expertise?

If you are like many other leaders, you experience obstacles and frustrations.  Just when you think that your boss is going to give you the nod to implement your proposed initiative that could land you a promotion, you find out that he favors ‘someone else’ and turns your proposed initiative over to ‘someone else’. 

The ‘someone else’ is not performing, but your boss obviously deals with factors other than performance when making promotional decisions. 

He totally misses the message that you are ready for advancement and want to contribute in a big way! That ‘someone else’ gets the nod, and you walk away from the meeting thinking, “What just happened?”

This happened to one of my clients.  Through our work together, he was able to articulate clearly and concisely what his strengths were and how he could contribute more significantly to the company.

Not only was he promoted to a position that played to his strengths . . . he excelled and continued to advance to the executive team. 

What is the secret to your success? . . . Is it an aggressive competitiveness or something else?

There is a much written about the competitiveness in the business world and the need to be ruthlessly aggressive in the senior and executive levels of leadership  

Is it myth or fact?

  • Does being authentic and high integrity actually lead to success in the current business environment?


  • Are competitiveness and ruthless aggression keys to success in reaching the senior and executive levels of leadership?

See What the Experts Say, outlined at the end of this letter.  It may surprise you!

All the rules are changing.  Your success is no longer solely based on hard work. 
It is not just WHO you know, but it heavily depends on who knows YOU and what you do WELL. 

You need to continually improve your ‘perceived’ value in the marketplace and be willing to step out and be recognized for the unique value that you offer.  I refer to it as your “one thing” . . . it’s what is top of mind when people think of you.

What are you most well-known for? 

  • Are you the expert in making things happen, even under the most challenging situations?
  • Are you the one who can flip an intense and controversial customer situation into a renewed contract with added services?

If you don’t know, join the crowd!  Most people struggle to identify what they are most expert at doing.

  • Do you know what others say about how you stand out?  Or worse yet, don’t you know?
  • Everyone is known for their uniqueness . . . The question is . . . Is your ‘uniqueness’ intentional or accidental?

 ‘Unique Genius’ Virtual Coaching Team Model

The Virtual Coaching Team is based on the three strategies of the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model.

Many clients have experienced the benefit of the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model, so I’ve decided to launch the model in a Virtual Team Coaching format with the foundation module being Strategy 1.  

Strategy 1, Be Distinctive. Differentiate, is the prerequisite for Strategy 2 and 3. 

‘Unique Genius Virtual Team Coaching packs all of the tools and techniques for you to tap into your inner wisdom, and transform your overwhelm about standing out to confidence and self-assurance about your unique value and how you contribute to the success of any organization.

As a result, you emerge from uncertainty and take your position in the spotlight!


[Dates/Times will be determined and outlined in separate page].

Be Distinctive.  Discover What Sets You Apart and Get Visible! 

Have you been passed over for promotions or just not invited to the ‘table’? 

Many people undervalue their accomplishments, and as a result are undercompensated.  My clients often report that their boss is unaware of their career advancement goals because the boss is overcapacity with his own challenges.

In addition, the boss has 15 direct reports and can’t possibly provide the mentoring and coaching to develop and grow top talent. 

So, what’s the solution?

Articulate clearly and factually how you can contribute to the company and add value to what the company needs, i.e., partner with your boss to achieve the department’s business objectives!

Attract Overnight Fame by Improving Your Perceived Value as the “Expert” that Adds Value and Then Some . . . .

  • Create a crystal clear vision of how you WANT to stand out so that you get in sync with a major trend in your field and go to the head of the promotion curve.
  • Gain recognition for WHO you are with authenticity and credibility so that you make yourself more attractive to a prospective employer.
  • Develop the ability to differentiate yourself from others so that you establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field and your uniqueness  stands out, effortlessly.
  • Be known by those who you want to know YOU and what you DO WELL so that you receive invitations to high visibility, highly sought after projects.


[Dates/Times will be determined and outlined in separate page].

What’s Included?

In addition to eight, 90-minute coaching calls with the founder of the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model, Gerrie Dresser, and your powerful and collaborative team, you also receive . . .

Strategy 1:  Be Distinctive. Differentiate.

  • FREE:  ‘Unique Genius’ Portfolio Template; 20 page, downloadable Coaching Guide that describes each of the Steps and provides success tips to help you apply each one, in your own unique way!   ($27 Value)
  • FREE:  3 different downloadable Assessments, Description Reports and Coaching Exercises for each of the Steps:  Signature Strengths; Career Anchors; Needs / Values ($$ Value)
  • FREE:  Strengths-based Leadership, book by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie ($24.95 Value)

What else?

  • In addition, your ‘Coach’, Gerrie Dresser  . . . founder of the Unique Genius Coaching Model, facilitates each Virtual Team Coaching ACTION Call, provides special information about each Step, and delivers on spot coaching throughout each call.
  • The number of people in each team is limited because dialogue is encouraged and everyone has the opportunity to be heard. 
  • All calls are in the evening to accommodate your work schedules and family dinner time commitments.  Each call will begin 7:15pm sharp and end promptly at 8:45pm – Eastern time.
  • All calls will be recorded, and you will have access to the confidential mp3 files in downloadable format within 48 hours after each call.
  • Private access to the specially created Yahoo Community Group with a confidential and protected group listserv for communication between Virtual Coaching Team ACTION Calls.
  • Convenient tele-conference set-up that only costs you for your long-distance call!
  • Affiliation with your designated Success / Collaboration Partner for more in-depth conversation and feedback throughout the program.
  • Last but not least by any stretch, access to a wonderful community of mid-career leaders to collaborate, support and encourage each other’s success and provide expert wisdom as you discover your ‘Unique Genius’ and capture the essence of your fun and challenging sustainable career strategy!

If you have any questions, contact our Client Services Coordinator, (                ) at (email address).

How to Maximize the Return On Your Investment!

  • Although there will be confidential mp3 files for each call, being LIVE on the call is the absolute best way to absorb the material! 
  • Allocate adequate time on your schedule to complete your Field Work within 3 days after each Virtual Team Coaching ACTION Call so it is still fresh in your memory! 

I encourage you to NOT wait until the call with your ‘Unique Genius’ Success / Collaboration Partner!  You will experience so much more from your investment by completing your Field Work almost immediately after our call. 

  • Schedule the bi-weekly meeting with your ‘Unique Genius’ Success Partner in advance and block off the time so it is dedicated to YOU.  If there is any reason that you can’t coordinate your schedules or the process isn’t working for you, contact me directly.

Your ability to process and dialogue about your Coaching Exercises is critical for you to apply the material and be prepared for each call.

Plus, it’s a lot more fun when you share the experience with a partner!

Did I miss anything?

If you have any burning questions, contact our Client Services Coordinator, (                ) at (email address).

So, secure your seat with the 8-10 people who will be joining us for our ‘Unique Genius’ Team Coaching!

        YES.  I am ready to eliminate confusion and lack of clarity about my unique value and stand out with authenticity and credibility!

Let’s review what you receive:

FREE downloadable documents:  Coaching Guide; 3 Assessments with companion Description Report and Coaching Exercises

Access to mp3 files for each Virtual Team Coaching ACTION Call; membership in a confidential YahooGroups Discussion Group

You have three payment options to enroll, starting at only $247/month!
Click here to decide on the best payment option for you . . .[insert payment option]

Note:  All sales are final.  Because of the confidentiality of the group, principles of team development, and important role that you play in your ‘Unique Genius’ Success / Collaboration Partner success, we ask that you enroll if you are ready – willing – able to commit to your success! 

So, what is your decision?!  If you have read this far, you are absolutely ready – willing – able to enroll in this fantastic offer.

        Sign me up!  Please Reserve My Spot! 

[Dates/Times will be determined and outlined in separate page].

Congratulations on making the investment in YOU!

I am really excited about you joining our Unique Genius Virtual Team Coaching! 


Gerrie Dresser

What do the experts say about aggressive competitiveness in today’s business world?

P.S. – Tom Peters  . . . over 10 years ago authored an article in March 1997 edition of FAST Company magazine* titled, “The Brand Called You”.  In this first article about personal branding, Peters was quoted, “successful brand management is measured by other’s perception of you as having the following four qualities:

  1. team player and supportive colleague
  2. exceptional expert who adds real value
  3. innovative perspective, visionary, thought leader
  4. business acumen, sensitivity to economic and financial impact

P.P.S. – Bea Fields . . . More recently, Bea Fields, President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc. and Founder of Five Star Leader Coaching and Training, was quoted about her recent book, EDGE: A Leadership Story: The Future of Business From the Minds of Ten Top ProfessionalsShe stated that the story “highlights the engaging approaches of using vulnerability to build relationships, and creativity to stand out in the marketplace, while giving you permission to lead dynamically without losing your identity in the process” in her recent book,

P.P.S. - Marshall Goldsmith . . .  He is one of corporate America's preeminent executive coaches, having worked with more than 60 CEOs at the world's leading corporations and author of the book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.

In his book, Marshall reinforces the value of authenticity, integrity, and basic courtesy as keys to success in upper levels of management.  He writes, “The corporate world is filled with executives, men and women who have worked hard for years to reach the upper levels of management. They're intelligent, skilled, and even charismatic. But only a handful of them will ever reach the pinnacle --subtle nuances make all the difference.

These subtle nuances are small "transactional flaws" performed by one person against another (as simple as not saying thank you enough), which lead to negative perceptions that can hold any executive back.”