What's the payback to your organization?

"Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got, these managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about 6 times what the coaching had cost their companies."

Fortune, 2/19/01,
"Executive Coaching — With Returns a CFO Could Love"


"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."


High Impact Team Coaching

Align your team, synergistically, the hallmark of great companies!

Is your organization ready to...

  • Successfully execute challenging performance goals through cross-functional teams?
  • Achieve business objectives and grow company profits while building highly motivated and effective teams?

What holds you back?

  • Are you dealing with power struggles that are counter productive and wasting precious time?
  • Are your team members stressed out and totally disillusioned... even calling in sick when team meetings are scheduled?
  • Are decisions made through conflict and disagreement?
  • Are roles and responsibilities unclear or undefined?
  • Is your team's overall performance acceptable, but not exceptional?

High Impact Team Coaching is a strategy to achieve extraordinary and innovative solutions — promote collaborative teamwork — create a more productive and efficient organization.

  • Interpersonal issues are resolved within the team positively.
  • Team members feel a curiosity and enthusiasm about their many challenges for break-through innovation.
  • Team's success is based on building on each person's strengths — decisions are reached by consensus — team operates by a shared vision.
  • Team manages their energy effectively... address project and interpersonal issues as they arise.
  • Teams move quickly from energy depletion to highly productive and motivated team behavior.

High Impact Team Coaching results in broad-based benefits to your organization:

  • Establishes a culture in which appreciation is expressed for employee contributions.
  • Team members develop an enthusiasm to make a difference at work, and accountability becomes a personal value.
  • There is a focus on purpose and intention that promotes innovation.
  • Employees feel a sense of ownership and take a leadership role in their daily activities.
  • Strengths and unique talents of each team member are maximized and cut across all projects.
  • Organization transformation becomes a reality
  • Change and challenges are embraced.

High Impact Teams for Break-Through Innovation

Our approach is to collaboratively co-create a solution that is based on the scope of the issue, framed around the organization’s major objectives, the potential business outcome that is envisioned, and impact of the problems that are obstacles to achieving the objectives.

The team's ability to act as effective change agents and lead company-wide initiatives is enhanced through ONGOING COACHING beyond the foundation stage.

The Coach is your success partner:

  • The Coach's focus is on the organization and team's vision.
  • The Coach acts as a catalyst and facilitator for the team's continual alignment of their actions with the organization's vision.

What are the benefits of a highly productive workplace?

Imagine a work group whose members work together to accomplish business objective — who often feel inspired to go the extra mile — who feel greater satisfaction from their efforts because they are working toward a shared vision.

This is a work group, transformed to a high performance team that can influence daily business by...

  • Inspiring an energizing environment.
  • Encouraging collaborative teamwork.
  • Bringing enthusiasm to make a difference at work.
  • Embracing the possibilities for transforming the organization.

Your Success Is Our Success — Here's What Our Clients Have To Say about our coaching model and services...

  • "Genuinely interested in clients' success and does whatever it takes to support clients' goals..."
  • "Results-oriented leadership coach with highly effective organizational and coaching skills..."
  • "Led a fragmented team without clear direction to a goal-oriented, cohesive team through her dedication and support."

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