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Gerrie Dresser

Gerrie Dresser, PCC
High Performance Executive Coach and Personal Brand Expert


CEO/Founder of
‘Unique Impact™’

Accelerate the Distinctive Impact
High Performance Leadership and
Positive Team Engagement

  • Are you a top performing company that invests in your people and recognize their critical role in the company’s growth, but key factors impact your competitive advantage?
  • Are you a courageous leader with high integrity and passion, ready to lead from the front with focus and decisiveness, but you're STUCK and want to advance forward?

Through high impact coaching and our proprietary, 7-step signature program, Leadership Impact™, we have helped clients. . .

  • Project courageous leadership through high levels of company uncertainty and complexity
  • Lead from the front with an authentic and influential personal brand
  • Engage and strategically mobilize high performance teams with powerful outcomes

Leaders are inspired to ignite employee engagement, enhance leadership capabilities, and strategically exceed expectations, advancing people and projects to new levels of brilliance.

As a result, high achieving professionals from Individual Contributors to Executive Leaders who were STUCK - step up and play BIGGER.

Both companies and individual leaders benefit . . . .

  • Companies enhance innovation, deliver uncommon results, and drive business growth to meet the needs of their customers, today and in the future.

  • Leaders increase their positive influence, stand out with more authentic presence, and contribute more strategically for greater impact.

Give your company or yourself the gift of thriving!

CONTACT us to collaborate on a customized solution to elevate your organization, your team or your leadership.

Successes reported by Clients resulting from our Leadership Impact™ program . . .

  • “Navigated through complex political situations and put specific action plans in place to meet critical issues head on.”
  • “Made very sound decisions about my future with confidence and certainty, developed a keen awareness of my strengths, and focused my future on those activities that are professionally and personally fulfilling.”
  • “Mid-career managers* revitalized, refocused and re-engaged with their work . . . shifted in their behavior at work, as they began to reconnect with their vision and passion.” (*Coached 40 managers from one corporation, reported by Director of HR)
  • “Increased my business efficiency and bottom-line and defined my target market, resulting in greater profitability and less time spent spinning my wheels . . . Business is stronger, and I have a better overall life balance.”
  • “Provided clarity and focus to my short and long term career goals, professional strengths and career anchors. As a result, I outlined a path to focus on my future career development.”
  • “Now able to CELEBRATE my successes without coming across as bragging or exaggerated.”

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