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Gerrie Dresser

Gerrie is the Executive | Personal Brand Coach to help you stand out IN a crowd, articulate your value with authenticity and credibility, and get known for your high impact contribution to the organization. 

She specializes in working with high potential and mid-career leaders and business teams who have a passion to redefine their success and a burning desire to make a difference through their work . . . to be recognized as a STANDOUT leader!

As a result of her ‘inside out’ approach in the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model, her clients discover their ‘Unique Genius’ and distinctive brand of career / business excellence, stepping into a higher level of leadership and strategic contribution. 

More about her background in her own words . . .

At the young age of 7, I actually enjoyed bringing our neighborhood "team" together to build and market a carnival from which we realized a whopping $14 profit.

Ever since I can remember, people have recognized my ability to transform a cluttered and fragmented environment into a practical, functional organization.

As much as my 10 siblings objected, actively participating at our family roundtable discussions energized me.

Little did I realize that these three strengths would be the core services for a coaching business and keys to my success:

  • Transform seemingly disconnected thoughts and ideas into clearly defined, practical strategies.
  • Seamlessly merge feelings, facts and insights to move people and projects to new levels of excellence.
  • Inspire openness and trust as a natural driver and motivator with incredible energy, commitment, and passion with a hallmark of 'excellence'.

My mother instilled in me an appreciation for the diverse nature of everyone's needs, values, and talents. As a result, I am intrigued with the essence of each client's inner passion and eager to discover the absolute best for each client, as well as myself. I searched out answers when I felt dissatisfied with my own career direction, and transformed my career 7 times

Dad's influence was of a more practical and leadership nature. He continues to model the strength and tenacity of a principled leader, and encouraged each of his 11 children to follow their dreams and live to their optimal potential. Whenever I start to experience doubt or uncertainty, I connect with the many challenges and life adventures that he has successfully traveled.

My mother's message — expect a miracle!
Dad's message — you can do anything that you make up your mind to do.

Some of my most fulfilling experiences include these...

  • Created my own positions during 20+ years in corporate America from an intention of how to best serve my executive clients with a win-win outcome.
  • Successfully navigated two downsizings through independent consulting and launching my own coaching business.
  • Initiated and coached a company-wide senior management advisory board for 10 years, as well as many cross-functional business teams that resolved enterprise-wide business challenges by driving innovative revenue, process improvement, and implementation solutions for U.S. Customer Operations.

This position was the catalyst for launching my coaching career, and one of the most fulfilling and rewarding positions. As a strategy and leadership coach for this influential advisory board, I coached over 200 senior managers and 50 company-wide business start-up, cross-functional innovation teams to high performance level. This was accomplished through strategic visioning, executing strategy, delivering results, and building-leading-participating in team projects.

Each person increased their confidence and leadership skills, and experienced a great sense of satisfaction from their contributions. Each team grew into a broader community within the corporate setting that supported each other's success.

Client Team outcomes include:

  • Created E-Consulting division that generated $5 million in revenue.
  • Streamlined implementation of technology solutions that reduced cycle time.
  • Streamlined revenue maximization and financial business practices to align with company's strategic information systems plan.

Other fun and inspiring experiences include...

  • Launched a part-time business, Health Productions, in 1992, and achieved over $.25 million in sales during a 5-year cycle while successfully growing a corporate career.
  • Evolved and transformed my career 7 times under the guidance of 4 nationally recognized career transitions firms, continual mentoring and expert coaching.
Professional Coach Qualifications
  • Earned credential of Professional Certified Coach, PCC, by the International Coach Federation; continue work towards my Master Certified Coach, MCC, credential.
  • Graduated from Coaches Certification Institute and continue advanced coach training.
Leadership Contributions
  • Served on  Executive Board of Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance for 5 years:  3-year presidential term (2005-2007), leading the chapter to international award winning status (International Coach Federation Award for Community Activism); 2-year term as VP Education (2002-2003).
  • Maintain active membership with International Coach Federation, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Association of Career Professionals International, International Association of Coaches, and held leadership position with American Society of Training and Development.
  • Served on President's Council of Immaculata University.

Academic Experience

  • Earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 3 years, and completed graduate-level business studies at accredited business schools.

I have a strong belief that everyone is instilled with a unique contribution to make in his or her work-life and, if this uniqueness is leveraged, it leads to a more fulfilling and extraordinary life! Unfortunately, many people lose connection with their uniqueness and dreams!

I am passionate about leveraging my ability, as a practical, innovative strategist, to coach people to discover their inner passion and achieve their goals — to connect with their uniqueness and dreams!

TAKE ACTION TODAY: CONTACT ME to begin our powerful coaching partnership! I would be honored to embark on your journey of success together!

Gerrie Dresser
The Leadership Strategist to help you
stand out IN a crowd and DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF!


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